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A Little About Us
Our Story

Salsa is not your traditional Mexican Grill. Sure, we offer authentic Mexican recipes. And yes, we use traditional cooking methods. In fact, we traveled all the way to the West Coast of the USA to master them and bring them back to South Africa!

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What's your flavour?

Ola! The only thing more famous than our incredible food is our unique craft brewed tequila.
Feel free to play with your perfect flavour using the SALSA Craft Tequila Mixer and don’t forget to let us and your friends know your ideal tequila blend.
Every month we will pick one unique flavour combination to brew, bottle and enjoy at all of our stores.

Pick your flavour
for all to savour

apple icon Apple
banana icon Banana
chilli icon Chilli
cranberry icon Cranberry
cucumber icon Cucumber
habanero icon Habanero
lemon icon Lemon
lime icon Lime
litchi icon Litchi
mango icon Mango
mixed berries icon Mixed Berries
orange icon Orange
pineapple icon Pineapple
strawberry icon Strawberry
watermelon icon Watermelon

What a delight with
the perfect highlight

aniseed icon Aniseed
basil icon Basil
caramel icon Caramel
chilli icon Chilli
cinnamon icon Cinnamon
coffee icon Coffee
cucumber icon Cucumber
elder flower icon Elder Flower
ginger icon Ginger
habanero icon Habanero
mint icon Mint
rose icon Rose
rosemary icon Rosemary
vanilla icon Vanilla

Send us your tequila mix

And you amigo could be our next flavour of the month

At Salsa Mexican Grill, we believe that every meal should be a celebration.